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Our mission is to provide a complete and comprehensive range of services in the texile industry to enable our customers to gain a competitive advantage.

thermo bond ovens

CTS has developed a specific range of ovens for the thermo fusion of bicomponent fibers mixed with both natural and synthetic fibers to create a structural 3D product. Our Thermo Bond ovens can be fed from cross lapped, vertical lapped and air lay.

We manufacture a range of ovens depending on the final specifications required such as capacity finished product types and any special needs
such as compression belts or rollers etc.

The CTS Thermo Bond ovens are available in many different configurations depending on the final product specification. Such as density range, thickness range, compression calibration requirements, fiber types and capacity.

We manufacture several models including:

  • Single bottom belt through air ovens
  • Compression roller entry with bottom belt
  • Compression roller entry with bottom belt and compression top exit belt.
  • Top and bottom belt through air
  • Top and bottom belt impingement type.


  • Teflon coated fiberglass belts or steel mesh belts.
  • Independent tracking for top and bottom belts.
  • Ambient or forced air cooling sections.
  • Calendaring rollers
  • Independent heating zones which can be configured top to bottom or module to module.
  • High efficiency recirculating fans providing even air distribution and minimization of energy waste.
  • Advanced dynamic air nozzle boxes internal so provide maximum evenness of air flow across width of products.
  • Touch screen operator control console with complete HMI interface and diagnostics.
  • Optional low maintenance filter screens.
  • Fully modulating burners to allow for accurate and consistent temperature control.
  • Modular design for ease of shipping and industry leading erection times.
  • Compact design to reduce floor space required and to minimize energy consumption
  • Balanced exhaust system with air pressure feed back allowing adjustment of exhausted air volumes.
  • 80mm thick insulated panel encapsulating energy and heat and maximizing the oven efficiency.
  • Electronic interlock system and special keys for opening of doors for maintenance.
  • Double solenoid valve lock and safety system and purge sequence to international standards.

Industry Use:

Floor covering

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Did You Know

CTS Group was established over 43 years ago by the Cooper Family in order to supply and service quality textile machinery. It is currently managed by Jason Cooper and has over 100 years of technical knowledge in its senior management team alone.   More