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top foam

Introducing "Top-Foam" continuous automatic foaming machines.

Top-Foam is a precision unit for producing the most consistent continuous homogenisation of latex polymers.

Product Information:

Top-Foam is constructed of a heavy steel frame enclosed in polished stainless steel surrounds.

The electrical motors, gearboxes and pump are of the highest quality providing essential reliability and performance.

Top-Foam incorporates the latest electrical inverter technology enabling accurate control of digital speed indication for pump and mixer. Speed range from 50 rpm to 600 rpm.

The fully stainless steel mixing head is supplied with water cooled stators, replaceable shaft sleeves and extractors.

The unit comes standard with water flush glands to mixer and pump but optional soap seals or ceramic sleeves can be supplied if required.

The pump size is selected to suit output requirements. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and are easily dismantled for cleaning.

The pipe work and fittings are of stainless steel and includes a diaphragm isolated back pressure gauge.

The air system includes top quality precision regulator, high quality flowrator and swept flow air injection.

The inclined control panel provides good visibility and easy adjustment of the main control settings. Optional remote controls can be supplied if required.

Foaming units can produce between 400kg and 4500kg wet foam per hour.

The combination of careful design, quality construction and modern technology makes Top-Foam an ideal choice.

Mixing head sizes range from:
200mm single or double
250mm single or double
360mm single or double
460mm single or double


Size: 1.2 Metres x 850mm x 1.5 Metres
Weight: Up to 500kg
Electrical: 3PH 400V power supply (others available)
Capacity: 400kg to 4500kg per/hour.

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