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true zone

Introducing "True Zone" back coating oven plants.

Back coating lines for all types of tufted, woven, needle punch carpets, underlay materials and grass.

CTS has been involved in manufacturing machinery for the carpet and textile industry for more than 43 years. Over this time CTS has gained vast experience in the production and handling of the varying products associated with the industry.

CTS manufacture backing and finishing lines for primary, secondary and foam backing of carpet, non woven latex bonding and curing, non woven thermal bonding and foamed underlay products.

Oven lines can range from the very simple, for small operations, to the very sophisticated for higher speed operations. The units are of modular construction with modules being transported in standard shipping containers allowing easy and swift site assembly and installation.

Modular components can often be retrofitted to existing lines to enhance performance or extend capacity. Variable and fixed width stenters, spiked rollers or teflon coated belts can be supplied for transporting the product through the oven.

The combination of careful design, quality construction and modern technology ensures machine reliability and customer satisfaction.

Product Information:

true zone

Input Stenter Wings with Auto Guidance.

The input of the stenter chain into the oven is by self tracking stenter wings. These hinged wings automatically side adjust by sensing the selvedge position and then compensate for variations in cloth width or total cloth side position.

Each wing can also be manually operated by means of a toggle switch located on the wing control box. Two sets of pinning rubbers are attached to each wing to press home the cloth onto the stenter pin plates. The wing frame is floor mounted on legs and forms an input module complete with lead in roller and supports.

Main Stenter Drive & Pull Roller

The stenter output and chain drive module has carpet de-pinning to effectively detach the carpet from the chain. The chain is driven by large diameter pin sprockets on a main shaft. If mechanised width adjustment is required, these sprockets slide sideways in yokes.

The cloth then passes over a bow/pull roller which is driven by an adjustable torque drive.

The main shaft is driven through a direct drive motor and gearbox  and controlled by inverter frequency. This controls the speed of product through the oven.

Oven Line

Fully modulating gun type gas burners
Overhead exhaust system

Electrical Console

HMl touch screens
Digital temperature control
Digital speed control
Air flow indicators

Output End Automatic Cut & Roll Machine

Available with:
Bi-directional blade cutting head.
Rotating disc cutting head.
Auto digital pre-set stop & cut
Computer linked barcode system
Digital weighing

True top and bottom zone heating (separated air flow allows for up to 70 degrees differential between top and bottom zones)

Easy removal burners and fans and simple access to oven and air chambers through side panel doors.

A diagonal high flow air jet system easily accessible through side panel doors.



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Did You Know

CTS Group was established over 43 years ago by the Cooper Family in order to supply and service quality textile machinery. It is currently managed by Jason Cooper and has over 100 years of technical knowledge in its senior management team alone.   More