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top coat

Introducing "Top-Coat" automatic back boating machines.

Top-Coat is a roll over roll type unit with an accurately machined hardchrome plated gauge rollers.

top coatProduct Information:

Top-Coat is a roll over roll applicator with an accurately machined hard chrome plated lower roller acting as a gauging bed. Stainless steel tables either side of the gauge roll support the material with its adhesive puddle and allows the direct coater to be operated in either direction. This is desirable for foam, primary or secondary coating.

An accurately machined hard chrome plated upper roll is positioned above the lower roller with variable weight balance loading and an accurately adjustable minimum gap setting. A traversing feed tube enclosed in a carry case reciprocates from side to side. This deposits the coating in a controlled width puddle before and against the upper gauging roll. Motorised side guides with infra-red edge detectors keep the puddle located between the selvages and control travel of the feed tube. A strong frame and large diameter rollers allow adequate rigidity and allow for setting accurate deposition rates which control the usage of coating materials. An input dancing roller complete with an electronic sensor automatically controls the input feed rate.

Substantial guards are used to protect the user from driving parts. All gearboxes. Motors bearings, screws and chains are prelubricated. The unit comes primed and finished in CTS green or can be painted to suit the customers requirements. The electrical control gear is contained in a splash proof control cabinet conveniently located on the machine. It provides easy access to the control settings and the emergency stop button. The units power requirements are a 415V 3ph 20 amp. power supply.

If desired the upper gauging roll is manufactured with an internal flow through system. This enables the unit to chill the surface by cold water circulating through the roller. The larger lower gauging roller can also be manufactured to facilitate the flow through system. The input drive roller is rubber covered and driven by a 0.55kw DC drive.

The stainless steel traversing nozzle is supported by bearing mounted vee wheels and move up and down a steel vee track. Geared 0.18kw motors control floating slide-out puddle wings which are made of 12mm thick polyethylene allowing easy cleaning. The CTS Direct Coat applicators have been modified when used for P.V compounds. The application unit has a knife over roll configuration combined with an automatic self-feeding plastic sheet system. The plastic wraps under the doctor blade edge to ensure a clean edge is always presented. There is a lock join at the end of the traversing nozzle head for dumping of P.V when required. A further addition is an exhaust hood to remove any chemical fumes from the operator area.

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