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Introducing "Elite" Large Capacity Cut to Length Roll-up Machines for the Flooring Industry.

The Elite has been designed with high volume product handling in mind for the requirements of the large flooring warehouse.


Product Information:

CTS Group produces a range of Carpet Manufacturing Equipment which combined together can form a quality, low-cost compact tufted carpet producing complex. Our company has developed its range from a long association that its principals have had with the carpet manufacturing industry.

The cutting and roll-up machines manufactured by CTS Group can accommodate both carpet and vinyl rolls up to 4 metres wide. The machines are made of heavy steel frames for stability, large size motors and gearboxes for durability and the latest technology in control gear for ease of use and accurate measuring.

The system consists of a number of modules which can be incorporated together in differing combinations to form simple or sophisticated carpet handling units.

Unroll Unit

The unroll unit has two large rollers connected by slack multi-ply roughtop belts to give control to unrolling loose ends.

Its driven beneath by a 1.1 kW guarded motor unit. The unit can be used also to re-roll carpet rolls up to 800mm wide in diameter (approx 50 metres in length). The unroll unit can be supplied with roll-swivel and side shift (auto or manual) and these are advisable when utilising the unit as a cut-length machine allowing automatic roll straightening and layout.

Cutting Module

The cutting module can be supplied with two sorts of bi-directional cutting heads. The first has a strong traversing rigid knife head which utilises cheap and easy replacement blades for fast, reliable cutting.

The second cutting head uses four heavy duty hardened steel.

This cutter provides smooth precise and consistent cutting in just seconds. These blades rarely need resharpening.

The product is lead on by input belts through a cross cut/clamp guard and it is here that digital readout length measurement can be provided.

Electrical Console

The control console is attached to the side of the cutting unit. It can be constructed on the right or left hand side of the machine but this might be arranged at the time of order. The console, with push buttons, toggle switches and a main joystick allows one man to control the running of the whole machine. The incorporation of the latest inverter technology enables precise roller speed settings. The carpet is run out to length through the cut off unit, clamped, cut to length and rewound or rolled up. The cutting knife is fully guarded either by the clamp whilst moving or being stabled in the side housings as it ends the stroke. An emergency safety shut-off switch and a clamping/cutting cut out switch provides safe operation.

Bar Coding

A bar code and labelling system for printing cut and stock lengths is available. CTS Group can also supply the automatic stock control software making warehouse operations simple and easy.

lnspection Table

The inspection table module has 75mm wide roughtop, non marking belts traversing across the table to carry the cut piece or the new end across it. It is usually supplied 2 metres long but can be manufactured to customers requested length.

Roll-up Unit

The roll up unit has 220mm diameter rollers and is powered by a 1.1kW motor. It can be supplied as an automatic roll start version with pneumatic movement which allows the operator to remain at the console whilst starting the roll, rolling up and eventually ejecting the roll from the machine. Rolls up to 500mm diam can be easily accommodated.

Core Storage

An overhead core storage unit can also provided. This will hold up to 40 cores and dispense them as required into the roll-up head. The control for this unit is located at the main console for easy centralised operation.

The Convenience of a Pre-cut Storage Conveyor

A precut roll storage conveyor with lowering bridge and post cut balance roll storage underneath allows for maximised use of the cut-length machine. By loading several rolls onto the storage conveyor and giving the operator a consolidated cutting list, rolls can be continuously cut to length, taped, unloaded and re-rolled with maximum efficiency. The belts, track and drive for this unit are substantial with the controls either grouped at the table end or situated at the main console. Strong 180mm wide special 3-ply conveyor belts convey the rolls forward to the point where the roll is moved down the slope onto the pneumatic bridge which carries the roll to the unroll unit. This bridge lowered for this operation, is then raised to allow the balance roll to be ejected back underneath.


Pre-Cut Storage
Post-Cut Storage
Core Storage
Pneumatic Bridge
Roll Swivel
Auto Side Shift
Auto Roll-Up
Plastic Wrapping
Bar Coding


Type: Standard Unroll/Auto Re-Roll & Cut c/w Table
Power: 3kW 3ph 415V
Air: 1 cfm / 4 mPa
Width: 4.5m
Height: 1.5m
Length: 5m

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Did You Know

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